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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (89-9103)

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Eight C-130H2's from the 910th Airlift Wing, Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) ready to launch. First and only Minimum Interval Takeoff (MITO) I saw while assigned there. Photo taken from the ATCT cat-walk on 22 June 2013. Aircraft lined up with 89-9103 include 89-9104, 89-9105, 89-9106, 92-3021, 92-3022, 92-3023, and 92-3024.


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Gary Schenauer
An excellent catch of a MITO launch, Ed. I saw a twelve-bird Alert Force MITO launch (4 52s and 8 135s) at Loring in the 80s (I've got some old slides from that day) but I've never seen an eight-ship Herc launch. There was a seven-ship launch here at RNO just over a month ago and I snapped a three-ship Herc launch two weeks ago but that one occurred around noon and I shot it from the end of the runway as they came headon toward me so the pics came out badly "heat stroked" (intense heat waves between the Hercs and me) which is why I didn't post one. Congrats on this unique snap and TYVVM for sharing it. * * * * *
roland pfeifer
Speaking of giant freight trains, this one is extra large.
Doug Zalud
Awesome shot of the guys from Youngstown. I was lucky to be able to photograph them during Patriot Express years ago.

Yak freighters for adventure!
David Restrick
I grew up in Warren back in the late '50s and early '60s and remember the old "Flying Boxcars" being based there. Our family used to visit the airport observation deck regularly for a summer evening's outing. It is nice to see this photo and restore some old memories.
Ed JonesPhoto Uploader
Thank you all for your comments. Just started uploading to this site but I have many more (new & old) shots from YNG, CLE, and around the globe to post in the near future. Stay tuned.
Cole Goldberg
Great shot, Ed!!
An Herculean effort!!
Jeffrey Brooks
Steven Rowe
Poor crews in the rear, cough, cough!
Victor Engel
How much is the minimum interval?
ken kemper
Superb Photo Ed !!

Never seen a MITO
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