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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (N130FF)

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KRDD - Coulson Air Tanker 131 departing Redding for a fire on I-5 south of Dunsmuir, CA 7-25-2017.


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Michael Hunke
Great shot!
Gary Schenauer
I "second" Michael's comment, T. A "most excellent" capture getting two of the trio of Coulson Hercs. Filling in all the *s for this click. Heckuva summer season, eh? There have been so many fires around our little city it is relatively safe around here now .. just about all the open areas in every direction have burned. There were various heli, SEAT, and BAe tankers going past my place for about four days. Even a NevANG MAFFS Herc came over super low. I'm glad it's over. I much prefer breathing clean air. lol
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thanks Michael and Gman! A lucky catch for me in a 1/2 hours lunch...I've seen the news in the RNO area and the fires I hope there are no more.
Leon Kay
Another good photo of a plane that played a big part in our country's military history. A captain once told us that he was flying military personnel in one of these from South Africa up to the border war in Angola.
He experienced difficulty in keeping the plane in level flight and was continuously adjusting the trim. He eventually sent the co-pilot to the back to try and determine what was going one there.
He reported back that the soldiers were playing darts and kept moving from one side to the other to determine their scores!
roland pfeifer
They do not look the same when they are not in Military colors
Dave Sheehy
Very nice Tom, great timing!
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Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
17 de Ago de 2019 UnknownSan Bernardino Intl ()Austin-Bergstrom Intl () 17:09 PDT 22:42 CDT 3:33
14 de Ago de 2019 UnknownPróximo de San Bernardino, CASan Bernardino Intl () 11:12 PDT 12:02 PDT 0:50
8 de Ago de 2019 UnknownSan Bernardino Intl ()San Bernardino Intl () 09:25 PDT 09:48 PDT 0:23
7 de Ago de 2019 UnknownPróximo de Phoenix, AZSan Bernardino Intl () 10:06 MST 11:25 PDT 1:18
6 de Ago de 2019 UnknownPróximo de Phoenix, AZPhoenix-Mesa Gateway () 11:22 MST 11:49 MST 0:27
6 de Ago de 2019 UnknownPhoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 10:34 MST 11:02 MST 0:28
6 de Ago de 2019 UnknownPhoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Phoenix-Mesa Gateway () 09:51 MST 10:15 MST 0:23
6 de Ago de 2019 UnknownPróximo de Phoenix, AZPhoenix-Mesa Gateway () 08:27 MST 09:03 MST 0:36
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