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— — - C-FPAW Pratt & Whitney (Boeing 747SP-J6). MZJ/KMZJ
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C-FPAW Pratt & Whitney (Boeing 747SP-J6). MZJ/KMZJ


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尚瑾 宓
Pablo Rogina
> 747-400SP?
No, just 747SP -> Special Performance. I worked on one of them belonging to Aerolineas Argentinas along with several 747-200 in the end 80s
Flew on the Pan Am 747-SP N534PA Great Republic from Tokyo NRT to Singapore Changie SIN circa
December 23, 2004, Forward-most, First Class Seat 1C. Met a fine Singapore young lady.
Got to ride in the flight deck from taxi to 10,000' while the crew nicely acted like I'd left.
Loved the Hotel Intercontinental on Orchard Road for 10 Days.
One of the top five greatest overall memories of my life!
Still have the boarding pass and other documents sitting in my file cabinet.
She was scrapped slowly in Ardmore, OK in 2003.
Thank you Pan AM!!!!!!!!!!!!
David Seider
What kind of engines?
DEPENDABLE ENGINES! <- evidence of my unashamed and unrepentant bias. (ex-P&W employee)
Lars Honan
mr mills might check his boarding pass. Pan Am died on december 1991. It may have been a PanAm aircraft but noPanAm.
Lars Honan - Robert Mills likely has a typo entered for his ticket date...

He says it was "...circa December 23, 2004".

Then adds the aircraft was "...scrapped slowly in Ardmore, OK in 2003."

The link below provides some detailed history of that Pan Am Boeing 747SP, N534PA, including when it first entered airline service and when it was finally scrapped...



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