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Douglas DC-7 (N401US) - One of Erickson’s three DC-7 firefighting aircraft taking off to fight the Santa Rose firestorm of October, 2017.
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Douglas DC-7 (N401US)

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One of Erickson’s three DC-7 firefighting aircraft taking off to fight the Santa Rose firestorm of October, 2017.


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C.W. Reed
Brings back memories of Tanker #61 (also a DC-7) operating out of KFAT in the 1980's! Sadly, #61 was lost while working a fire at Kyburz, Ca. in 1992. Thank you for posting this, Paul!
Alan Hume
Must be expensive to maintain with all those radial engines with pistons, push rods, valves and tappets. Surely a used turboprop would be a better proposition these days. You need reliability in a water bomber.
John Rumble
Alan Hume SSHHHHH...
Don't give them ideas
Keep that old iron flying. It provides training for a generation of A&P mechanics that would have never dreamed of working on a radial
I want the music of those radial engines to continue as long as they can
Joseph Immermann
I do so love the sound of a radial engine - nothing else like it. Hearing that distinctive sound will get me running out of the house and looking up like a little kid.
4 Wright R-3350's. 3250 hp. 18 cylinders per. A lot of moving parts at takeoff.

Ah, the smell of 115/145 in the morning.
John Shearer
I flew Tanker 10, a P2V-7 w/ two R-3350's. Monitored the cylinders with a scope and had to shut one down due to both plugs not seen as firing which causes the question "What's going on out there?". We landed at an abandoned strip in Eastern Montana, pulled out two ladders, unbuttoned the cowl and discovered that the high energy coil on number? cylinder had failed causing both plugs in the same cylinder to go dead. Replaced the coil, buttoned up the cowl, put the ladders and tools back in the tail and took off to get another load of mud for a nearby fire. Both the Capt and i were A&P's, so we flipped for who would sign off the fix. What fun!
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