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Bombardier Global 7000 (C-GLBX)

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Operating as BBA703, 13R approach.


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mike prendergast
Looks like there is no glass in the cabin windows?!
Peter Dundee
Is this a new plane being tested??
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Yes Peter, it is a Global 7000.
Mike, supposedly the 7&8000 have larger windows according to their website, that and a lack of finished interior gives the impression of no windows.
mike prendergast
Thanks rwb2112!
Kevin Haiduk
Whoah cool!
Dwight Hartje
Nice catch! The new Global 7000 looks so good!
Onward Lam
The belly and engines look disproportionately large for the fuselage from this angle, making it look chubby, reminiscent of the 747SP when it first came out all those decades ago.
Leon Kay
Great photo of a great plane. It appears that the demand for these long-range aircraft with modern features are escalating.
Robert Wallraff
Serial number 70003 is the avionics and electrical system test bed for the Global 7000.
marylou anderson
wow! great pic!
More leg room?
roland pfeifer
what U S plane does it compare to.


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