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Boeing 757-200 (N757HW)

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Honeywell Boeing 757-225 N757HW at Frankfurt International Airport 14 June 2015.


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Paul Wisgerhof
This has to be one of the few 757s out there with an Experimental/R&D airworthiness certificate.
Alan Brown
Its a strange looking bird alright.
Are they experimenting with Canards or some sort of Avionics" Very interesting.
It's engine testing. normally they have an engine mounted on that pylon.
Louie Zhang
what is the test block for?
G Zorbas
Love the Honeywell Aerospace test aircraft with these appendages they have attached to them on their 'Power of Connected - High-Flying World Tour'.<br /><br />From the website:<br />The aerospace industry is going through a digital shift, and Honeywell is leading the way by creating a completely Connected Aircraft and showcasing that aircraft around the world. Over the last 100 years, Honeywell has built much of the technology used in flight and now we’re using our expertise in the industry to enter this new digital era. In particular the Internet of Things is top of mind for all industries and we are making it relevant within aerospace.
Bror Monberg
Beautifully maintained A/C. Must be fun working on projects with it.
It is rather odd looking. It &quot;lives&quot; about 200 meters north of the center of the north runway (8/26) at KPHX. If you check it out in Google Earth there is also a picture of its predecessor, on old 707, with the same extension hanging off the side.
Deseja um histórico completo para N757HW a partir de 1998? Compre agora. Receba dentro de uma hora.
Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
7 de Nov de 2018 B752Int'l de Phoenix Sky Harbor ()Int'l de Phoenix Sky Harbor () 09:19 MST 12:38 MST 3:18
5 de Nov de 2018 B752Int'l de Phoenix Sky Harbor ()Int'l de Phoenix Sky Harbor () 09:48 MST 13:05 MST 3:16
1 de Nov de 2018 B752Int'l de Phoenix Sky Harbor ()Int'l de Phoenix Sky Harbor () 08:38 MST 14:29 MST 5:51
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