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What a great looking Goose,who's the owner ?
Bryan CarricaburuPhoto Uploader
Peninsula Airways, Alaska (PenAir). However the last Grumman left the company about a year ago.
Bill Bailey
Wasn't N7811 the Goose involved with the truck incursion a few years back or was it the tipsy flip over on Unalaska ?
I know both were Blue Gooses.
gwapo santa
my type plane .. my dream when in pacific
Bryan CarricaburuPhoto Uploader
Hi Bill,

Yes, 811 fought with a truck and was hurt badly, but the tough old bird protected all of the occupants.
Gary Westfall
I was stationed out in the Aleutians on Adak, and there was a Goose that used to fly between there, and the island of Atka. This was before Atka finally had a regular runway built. The photo with the tundra in the background tells me it was probably taken somewhere in the Aleutians.
esse aviao e o maximo muito lindo.
Bill Bailey
Thought so, Thanks Bryan.
Bryan CarricaburuPhoto Uploader
811 is now in the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, OR parked under the left wing of the Spruce Goose. It is now has it's original military livery.
Bryan CarricaburuPhoto Uploader

You are right. The Goose that was parked in Adak was N63C, one of the Reeve Aleutian Airways Grummans that PenAir's Orin Seybert bought from Bob Reeve. It was there for the sole purpose of flying the mail to Atka 5 time every month.
Chalk's International Airline flew several Mallards and a Goose or two between Port of Miami to Bimini and Nassau on a regular schedule. Made the trip to Bimini several times. They took off in the port channel next to the cruise ships and other boat traffic. They converted some to turbines and one crashed on take-off from Miami and everyone was lost. I recall that corrosion caused a structural failure and that was the end of Chalk's. There are still several of these birds at St Lucie International-KFPR.


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