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BOEING 727-200 (N395AJ)
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BOEING 727-200 (N395AJ)

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Think its a B722....and its a great foto!!
John MillerPhoto Uploader
This is a -200 but for some reason Flightaware likes for it to be a -100.
Leon Kay
One does not often see any of these Boeings around anymore. We lived right in line with the Johannesburg International Airport runway and could always hear one of these noisy Boeings, particularly during take-off.
Ron Carver
I miss the 727. I flew it often in the 70's and 80's. Always thought it was a well built jet and next to the L-1011 and DC-9, it was one of my favorite jets to fly.
Super Pic. Indeed a -200F (#2 Engine intake is egg-shaped on -100). They fly freight from San Juan PR to every rock in the Caribbean with one -727F and 3 767's. I saw the 727 land at Castries, San Lucia, full reverse and max braking.
Turns Jet fuel into noise. Eastern used to call 72's "WhisperJets". Hehe.
Great little hot rod!
Sidney Smith
Still one of the best looking airliners, great image!
That was the old saying I remember - the engines turn fuel into noise and smoke, with a bit of thrust as a byproduct.
Patrice LLavador
@ jthyland. I used in the late 80's as passenger Eastern, and I remember their first A300, called also Whisperliner. Nowhere it was mentioned the Airbus origin of the aircraft.
Best looking of the Boeing pax jets and enjoyed being a ramp agent working these planes.
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