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Airbus A340-600 (ZS-SNB)

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Greg Byington
That's a great shot, Uwe!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
thank you Greg!!
and it was very cold!
Greg Byington
You're welcome, and I do believe you! I know how Frankfurt can be in the winter.
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
It was 2016-12-31, 9.45 pm!! My wife had to work as a waitress and i'm was sitting alone at home!!
Taken my cam and my dog, gone to the lineup to snapped some pics!!
Much better as alone at home on Sylvester!
At 11.45 pm back at the restaurant to celebrate with my wife the new year!!
Greg Byington
Yes, I agree. Much better to be in a restaurant on New Year's Eve!
Bill Mortensen
Excellent and original photo. Great dramatic colors!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
thank you Bill!!
Rod Cramb
Nice shot! But I have just noticed a glaring error in the paint job. The South African flag painted between the aft door and the registration number is back to front. Shame on you SAA for not noticing.
Rod Cramb - national flags on the starboard fuselage of aircraft normally display such an orientation as what you see in Uwe's photo. It is meant to provide a representation of the flag's display as if it were on a flag pole and viewed from the same side.
Marco Vieira
This is amazing, whenever I go to Johannesburg or Cape Town i always go on SAA. Are these pictures copyright?
Hi Rod,

Cliff is 100% correct.

Easy way of remembering the flag: Red always on top.
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
Hi Marco!!
if you want the original pic without any watermark give me an emailadress.
Will send the pics in your inbox.
greetings Uwe!!
David Seider
Rod, Cliff, Gerhard:
Another way to say it(regarding flags on aircraft)...
The hoist side of the flag is always forward.
cluade lafond
Name of airport please,
cluade lafond - Uwe included the airport name in his photo data, along with aircraft type and aircraft registration. It is EDDF, Frankfurt International.
Joao Ponces
Fabulous! One of the best photos I've seen in here!!!
Uwe ZinkePhoto Uploader
thank you Joao!!
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