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N941NA — - Airbus Industries 377SGT-F Super Guppy S/N:4 - N941NA "NASA 941" at KEFD
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N941NA —

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Airbus Industries 377SGT-F Super Guppy S/N:4 - N941NA "NASA 941" at KEFD


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John moffitt
I love this shot. Awesome perspective
John Giambone
Fantastic Shot!
Airbus Industries? Didn't it start out life as a Boeing Stratacruiser or C97? Great shot though.
ken kemper
Super Photo Christopher and in the right spot......

my favorite of the week.
Brian Berger
That bird was called "The Supper Guppy" I saw her many times at Travis AFB California.
It is the old KC-97 refitted to carry outsized cargo. I believe only flown by NASA at this time. It's a SupperGuppy, not the Airbus Baluga.
Jim Smith
I have a picture of an older version located at Tillamook, OR (KOTK). It still had the recips and was Liveried as "Erickson Air Service."
Jim Smith
Sorry, KTMK
Alan BigSky
And as Paul Harvey would have said, "And now, the rest of the story". http://www.allaboutguppys.com/sgt/377sgtf.htm
Karl Scribner
Saw one 30+/- Years ago at Wurtsmith AFB, Oscoca, MI. When it was called Wurtsmith and was an AFB.

Loved sitting on beach 5 miles N of town watching KC-135 and B-52s stationed there then fly out over Lake Huron and shoot approaches at Wurtsmith.
Iain Robertson
Jiffy pop! It's almost done Mom!
Robert Oldershaw
What a great perspective!
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