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Boeing B-52 Stratofortress (58-0189) - B52G 58-0189 assigned 8th AF, 379th BW, Wurtsmith AFB, MI.  Water injection takeoff from RAF Marham in August of 1980.  We were returning to KOSC after participating in the Giant Strike bombing competition with the RAF Vulcans.  The "triangle K" on the tail was in commemoration of the 379th BG which flew B17
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Boeing B-52 Stratofortress (58-0189)

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B52G 58-0189 assigned 8th AF, 379th BW, Wurtsmith AFB, MI. Water injection takeoff from RAF Marham in August of 1980. We were returning to KOSC after participating in the Giant Strike bombing competition with the RAF Vulcans. The "triangle K" on the tail was in commemoration of the 379th BG which flew B17's out of RAF Kimbolton during WWII. It was a major accomplishment to get CINCSAC, General Ellis, to approve the non-standard markings. I was the Crew Chief and I'm in the IP seat.


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Awesome! love These old shots.
Yvon Dionne
Love the photo but more importantly the history lesson along with the picture is awesome. Thank you for posting this great shot and the information you provided!!
William Crooker
Yes, A Sweet Shot for sure! I was 397th DOW AFB Bangor ME.1967
James Driskell
Ol' Smokey!
ian mcdonell
How we love them - big, noisy and dirty

Thanks for putting this photo up
Dale WalkerPhoto Uploader
I'll upload a few more when I get a chance. Glad you enjoyed them.
Alan Brown
Keep these photos coming. SAC especially was a great group and it is sad to see them no longer here when we need them.
A.Levent Bekdik
Thanks for great sharing
Steve Brooks
I was a B-52 Co-pilot at Barksdale AFB, LA, and this photo is a B-52G model. Great remarks by the Crew Chief, they were the guys that kept it all together! I was later stationed in Minot, ND (Why not Minot?) where I flew "H" Models that had the TurboFan engines, no water injection needed with eight of those babies turning! I mention the bases I was at because it may be very likely that a fellow comrade may have been there also. I wish we could have a reunion of our old Squadrons like the WW2 guys used to do.
Al Bauer
Fantastic shot ans a fantastic piece of history. Just love those old B-52s
Give these guys NEW engines... Great plane..
Ethan65 - that's a great idea... but one major problem with it. There are NOT any B-52G models remaining. All were broken up (by the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base) in compliance with the START I treaty signed with the former U.S.S.R. on 31 July 1991... and the New START treaty signed with Russia on 08 April 2010.

Here's an USAF news article about the final B-52G, USAF s/n 58-0224, that was chopped into two pieces on 19 Dec 2013...

renato basso
Chas DeVine
Big brute, glad to have him working for America.
Linda Nitzschke
I usually think these big maamoo military planes (such as the C130s) are a bit ugly, tho very, very impressive, and I'm just in awe of them, even so. However...this B-52 is soooooooooooo beautiful!!!
A dirty birdy. Great shot.
I was down the road at Fairford in early 80's. The Brits used toline up at the fence when the Buffs came to play
rick fry
stephen parsons
Thank you for your service and the sharing of this photo.
Wayne Parcell
I love to see photos of the B52. It brings back good memories of the 50's and 60's for me.
Ralph Scott
General Ellis was a very good man. Knew him well while I was stationed at Offutt.
Wayne Fox
I was stationed at Minot AFB ND 1967 - 68 and was an ECM tech on the H models. This photo brings back fond memories of the days I watched our planes take off en mass on ORI's and the smoke from the 8 engines filling the skies. Great Photo! Thanks.
Wayne Fox
cliff731 There is still on B52G preserved at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson. I had a few fond moments with it just two weeks ago.

Wayne Fox - Yes... those on static permanent display escaped the chopping block, so to speak...!!! Thank for your comment and sharing that valuable information with us... and thank you also for your dedicated service in the U.S. Air Force!!!
Bill Sampson
I am a retired AF PJ and retired just a few miles from KI Saywer. I sure miss that Jet noise. There is a reason the BUFFS are still in the air. What a beautiful sight to be hold.
Robert Pryor
Steve Brooks....I think we were at Barksdale together (around 75-78). I also think you were in the class behind me at Vance (7404). Enjoying retirement in Broken Arrow, Ok. Hope all is well.
Geoff Arkley
Neil Klapthor
If this is the same Robert Pryor...Hi Bob...we were on the same crew in the 62nd at Barksdale with Greg Smith (AC). I was Radar and Dave Naquin was Nav (I think I've got those names right). Don't remember the EWO or Gunner. Was at Barksdale 74-80 and Wurtsmith 83-86. Retired in 94 at Wright-Patterson and now living in Georgia. I've got a great picture (somewhere) of our crew (with wives) at a party at Greg's house...good memories!

Great picture of the BUFF Dale...what a beast it was...and is!!
ken kemper
Just a superb photo.............

Great Job Dale & Great History !!!
jesse kyzer
jesse kyzer - so very true...!!! :-)
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