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North American T-6 Texan (C-FHWX)

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OSH18. 25 JUL 2018.


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Torsten Hoff
That must have been awesome to see, and even better to hear.
Which of the 29 or so T-6s of this very precise formation bears the Canadian registration C-FHWX
Awesome pic bring back memories for a lot of people
robert kennington
Why do I always find myself clicking on the photos of "prop" airplanes?
Adrian Piers
@ robert kennington My sentiments exactly! I get to see enough of the heavies whenever I am at an airport, but it is the ones with props that I never see that make this an interesting read! (Or viewing!)
Bill Butler
Wow. How long did it take, do you suppose, to get that many AT-6s in one place. And airborne. And in formation! An excellent formation, too.
chris knight
There is only one place i believe you can see this type of flyby, EAA AirAdventure. It WAS GREAT!!!
Very impressive!
Curtis Smith
terry kelsey
I've seen a lot* but this is possibly the finest "last minute" aero-choreography ever.

* I used to manage an Exhibition for Mfrs. and a very large airshow in Milwaukee in '68, '69 and '70. Paul Poberezny was on our Board of Directors and used to schedule the EAA Fly-In on the weekend after our show.
Nice picture.
Deseja um histórico completo para C-FHWX a partir de 1998? Compre agora. Receba dentro de uma hora.
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