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Avro 683 Lancaster (N162CM) - Photo by: Andre Chambers
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Avro 683 Lancaster (N162CM)

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Photo by: Andre Chambers


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Paul Wisgerhof
You people need to wake-up your AI and algorithm monitor. This is NOT a four engine, WWII, British strategic bomber. The little guy is an experimental/home built, Lancair ES. The big guy taxiing behind appears to be a Boeing 747-4
Diana Rose
Great Shot Tho Size Matters!
C'on Paul W, that is the grandson of the British Lancaster. LIMAO
serge LOTH
IN fact ;it's a Cirrus Shuttle .. carrying a 747.. not very well known but.. I discovered..lol
jesse kyzer
Peter Beren
objects in the mirror are closer than they appear
Peter Beren
things that you'll never hear "Caution wake turbulence departing Cirrus"
Bob Wolff
"She's right behind me, isn't she?"
Leander Williams
ATC to Big Queen - Caution wake turbulence from the mosquito ahead.
Michael Scott
@BobWolff LOL!
Linda Nitzschke
Mama plane protecting her young. You ought to see the baby trying to nurse.
On my 2nd solo, I was in a C-150. An instructor was with a student in a C-172.
CLE Grd was giving me instructions to 23R.
As Grd completed giving the same instructions to the 172, the instructor replied "OK we'll follow the little guy".
This photo brings a whole new meaning to that statement. rofl
“Uhhh… Why am I going backwards?”
The Queen waiting patiently in the background
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Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
15 de Jan de 2022 UnknownOkeechobee County ()Boca Raton () 11:49 EST 12:14 EST 0:24
15 de Jan de 2022 UnknownBoca Raton ()Okeechobee County () 09:31 EST 10:00 EST 0:29
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