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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (VH-EAG)

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Wings over Illawarra 2016 Australia.


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Sexiest aircraft ever built !
Before I became a pilot, I started my airline career as a flight engineer on L-749 and L-1049. I always will remember those years as my best. Especially the Super Constellation was a BEAUTY.
Ernie Rogers
I was crewchief of 4164 at CAFB 1957-60 ... Have not been able to find history since. I loved that plane.
>>> Ernie Rogers... I have some information on your Connie, USAF s/n 54-154.

Joe Baugher's information states it was converted to a EC-121S, but no date was given. However, checking around on the internet suggest this happened circa 1968. The 168th Military Airlift Squadron of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard was re-designated as the 193rd Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron and its C-121C aircraft were replaced with 5 EC-121S conversions for the "Cornet Solo" missions. Your 54-164 was one of those so converted.

Here's a later photo taken at Davis-Monthan AFB that is stated to be 54-164...


(photo from R.N. Smith collection showing on the Aussieairliners.org site)

During 1970 the PA ANG's 193rd TEW Sq. aircraft, crews, and support personnel were deployed to Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base in support of U.S.A.F. "Commando Buzz" missions during the Vietnam War, returning in 1971.


It is reported on a Czech website that the 5 C-121C aircraft as converted to a EC-121S and gained by the 193rd TEW Sq. were:

54-155, 54-159, 54-164, 54-170, and 54-173.

Other information I've found indicates the 193rd TEW Squadron's EC-121S Connies were later replaced by EC-130E "Commando Solo" Hercules, likely in the late 1970's or early 1980's. The 193rd TEW is now designated as the 193rd Special Operations Wing (SOW) and flies the EC-130J.

Regrettably, I can find no information that indicates your Connie 54-164 is a surviving Constellation or that it ever departed Davis-Monthan AFB.
>>> Ernie Rogers... This will serve as an addendum and update to the information regarding your USAF EC-121S Super Constellation, s/n 54-164.

It was entered into AMARC's inventory on 14 May 1979. The disposition is listed as "Unknown".


One additional photo located - this one attributed to photographer Malcolm Nason, dated 03 Mar 2011 and located on the Flickr site...

Just for clarity, so everyone understands that my remarks for Ernie Rogers are not in reference to the Connie with Australian civil registration VH-EAG as showing above... she started as a C-121C in USAF service and remained in military ownership. It too was subsequently flown to Davis Monthan AFB and later restored for its trans Pacific flight to Australia.

This is a Lockheed C-121C built as MSN 1049F-4176 and delivered to the United States Air Force MATS in 1955 with AF s/n 54-157. She flew with MATS, the MS ANG, the WV ANG, and the PA ANG until being retired in 1977.

More history here... http://www.conniesurvivors.com/VH-EAG.htm

And check out Mr. Joe Baugher's information on his website... http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/1954.html
spencer burris
It is impossible to find a bad view of this bird...
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