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Douglas DC-3 (turbine) (C-GEAJ)
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Douglas DC-3 (turbine) (C-GEAJ)

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Diana Rose
Beauty Shot! Nice Refurb job.
Laurie Morgan
Wonderful old aircraft. Clearly this one has been upgraded with turboprop engines. I am sure this dramatically improves its performance over the old piston engines. Maintained the radio equipment on the DC3 aircraft for many years in my early days in Papua New Guinea in the mid 60's. At that stage there were virtually no roads in PNG and everything for the highland areas was carried from Madang airport by these old workhorses. I remember one day the two operating airlines had a competition to see who could uplift the most freight in a single day - there was no winner - each airline uplifted 250,000 lbs of cargo. Put this into the perspective that at the time there was no night flying so that this enormous amount of cargo was carried in the 12 daylight hours of the tropical day. Amazing.
Anthony Holding
I have seen this dc 3 on flightaware radar on 4 th June at Coventry airport I took a photo of it , at first I did not notice the engines .
frank theriault
Basler BT-67 DC3 conversion, I believe. What a gorgeous aircraft!
Jonathan Morgan
Is that Mia or Lidia?
Alan Hume
Yes it's a Basler BT-67 conversion. There's a lot more changes to it over the standard DC-3/C-47 than simply bolting on a new set of P&W turbo engines, including a complete airframe overhaul, aerodynamic improvements, structural modifications to the body and wings that increase strength and improve performance, and new systems that improve reliability. See it here: https://www.baslerturbo.com/
serge LOTH
May be.. but for DC3 purists... it's not a DC3..
Mia on the move ✈❤🤗👍👍
Deseja um histórico completo para C-GEAJ a partir de 1998? Compre agora. Comece dentro de uma hora.
Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
14 de Ago de 2022 DC3TKapuskasing ()Oshawa () 08:44 EDT 10:29 EDT 1:44
13 de Ago de 2022 UnknownPróximo de Kapuskasing, OntarioKapuskasing () First seen 22:55 EDT 23:13 EDT 0:18
13 de Ago de 2022 DC3TLa Grande Riviere ()Kapuskasing () 11:09 EDT 14:15 EDT (?) 3:06
13 de Ago de 2022 UnknownChibougamau/Chapais ()Próximo de La Grand River (Radisson), Quebec 08:39 EDT Last seen 10:09 EDT 1:29
12 de Ago de 2022 DC3Int'l Montréal-Mirabel ()Chibougamau/Chapais () 18:09 EDT 19:49 EDT 1:40
12 de Ago de 2022 UnknownInt'l Montréal-Mirabel ()Int'l Montréal-Mirabel () 17:10 EDT 17:16 EDT 0:06
12 de Ago de 2022 DC3TInt'l Montréal-Mirabel ()Chibougamau/Chapais () 11:23 EDT 14:18 EDT (?) 2:54
11 de Ago de 2022 DC3TOshawa ()Int'l Montréal-Mirabel () 12:09 EDT 13:26 EDT 1:16
4 de Ago de 2022 DC3Iqaluit ()Oshawa () 08:13 EDT 15:14 EDT 7:01
3 de Ago de 2022 DC3TSvalbard, Longyear ()Iqaluit () 11:57 CEST 14:29 EDT 8:31
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