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Fury and Bearcat in close formation - Duxford meet the Fighters Sept 2016


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David Gorter
Beautyful pair of planes.
Dirk Fierens
Great pic, high 5.
Ole Eskildsen
Another PHOTOSHOPPED production, but it looks good, if you are not a pilot because you can easily tell that it is fake!
Geoff Anthony
Lovely pair of planes, absolutely beautiful
Roy Hunte
I wouldn't say photoshopped Ole, I think you need to watch videos of airshow flying... You would then see how close the pilots fly to one another.
Roy Hunte
Beautiful shot.
Large Telephoto lenses have a foreshortening effect on objects in the frame making objects appear closer together than they actually are. Try researching photography/videography/movie terms like field flattening, foreshortening and perspective distortion. This is a beautiful example of the photographer being in the right place at the right time with the right equipment. Photoshop may be a great tool but it just isn't necessary most of the time if you have the other tools available to you and the conditions are right.
Eli DeSouza
Respectful prop arcs!
Eli DeSouza
Respectful prop arcs
Eamon StapletonPhoto Uploader
Thanks - no photoshopping as such - bit of tweaking and cropping but the arrangement itself was as it came through the lens - clicked on the right piece of sky at the right time - some top quality Canon equipment helped also :-)
Michael Towster
Ole, I have seen you making a lot of false claims about photographers photoshoping these photos. The plane appearing on top of the other plane is nothing more than an optical illusion caused by perspective. By the way, using perspective as part of an airshow routine in order to create an optical illusion is used very popularly by the USAF Thunderbirds, look up the Thunderbird Calypso Pass if you have not seen it.

Great job Eamon!
Angela Gomez


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