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DC8 making a cargo run for Amerijet.


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daniel jef
Sweet shots!!!!
I hadn't realised that there is still a DC8 still operational. This has made my day! A great shot including the practically deserted Covid19 beach at TNCM.
Phil Brooks
WOW! What was the date of this photo?
Diana Rose
Would say 1964.
Diana Rose
Why no i.d. numbers?

The Registration Number is OB-2059-P and is blocked by the wing. It is operated by Skybus Jet Cargo and there is a video of this 58 year old aircraft departing just recently from TNCM on Facebook.
daniel jef
@ warmwynds your correct about the registration also the video of this bird departing that's on Facebook was taken by me.
For better quality please look at this same video on my YouTube channel.
My channel name is aviationtncm dont forget to subscribe and enjoy!!!

Never new about your youtube channel. I ran across it when I stumbled on the your Facebook page and simply stopped the departure heading down the runway to view the registration number. I Will check out your aviationtncm for more on St. Maarten. Does anyone know if videos can be uploaded on Flightaware.com just like the photos?
Irving MaduroPhoto Uploader
Phil Brooks, this photo was taken December 30th, 2020.
ken kemper
Awesome photo Irving..............

Love the DC-8........Grew up in Cincinnati and as a kid enjoyed seeing Delta's DC-8's and Flying Tigers Cargo use them.

A beautiful design.
Jeffrey Hoover
The ultra simple livery makes it seem quite sleek to me.
Mike Boote
Wow - I'll bet when that DC8 took off, the ocean parted!
Wences Arvelo
Nice picture of a real classic plane. Sleek design, stretched version and newly powered. TNCM is another "classic" for plane watchers.
Deseja um histórico completo para OB2059P a partir de 1998? Compre agora. Comece dentro de uma hora.
Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
21 de Jan de 2021 UnknownManagua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) ()Int'l de Miami () 16:14 CST 19:17 EST Programado
21 de Jan de 2021 UnknownInt'l de Miami ()Managua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) () 13:59 EST 15:02 CST Programado
20 de Jan de 2021 UnknownManagua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) ()Int'l de Miami () 08:18 CST 11:31 EST 2:12
17 de Jan de 2021 UnknownManagua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) ()Int'l de Miami () 11:12 CST 14:18 EST 2:06
14 de Jan de 2021 UnknownManagua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) ()Int'l de Miami () 15:52 CST 19:00 EST 2:08
7 de Jan de 2021 UnknownManagua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) ()Int'l de Miami () 18:04 CST 21:10 EST 2:06
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