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Airbus A380-800 (VH-OQC)

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Gavin Hughes
Get 'em while you can, seems Qantas are going to ground their fleet shortly.
Gavin Hughes
Update on that comment. News reports say 25% of the WHOLE fleet to be grounded (stored) because of the coronavirus situation and that 25% includes 10 of the 12 A380s, so 2 will still be in service.
Interesting, wonder if the two will do the SYD-DFW route. There are two in the air now, flight # 7&8. I read somewhere that it is/was the most profitable route industry wide.
Gavin Hughes
If any routes were to stay open, you'd think the most profitable would be a no-brainer. As I write this, I note this aircraft is on the way to LAX from MEL.
robin guessPhoto Uploader
Qantas is stating A380 service to DFW till mid April then switching over to a Dreamliner.
Gavin Hughes
Robin, that MAY have been a plan anyway as the 787s are gradually being introduced to very long haul routes although they were intended as 747 replacements, not A380 replacements, though times they are a'changin'.
That'll be a big reduction from April in available seats SYD-DFW-SYD. About a 40 percent reduction I would say.
robin guessPhoto Uploader
Gavin here is the link

Honestly I welcome the change as it might reduce the crowds at Founders Plaza at DFW without the A380. Founders has way too few parking spaces and a large amount of drivers that cannot park in there space.
Gavin Hughes
Hey Robin, inability to park is a world wide problem!! Thanks for the info on QF. Interesting to note SYD-SFO B747 replacing B787 - there's a turn up for the books and something that'll spark the interest of 747 fans, especially given that Qantas are retiring them in favour of the 787.
Viv Pike
Gavin / Chris -

Qantas flies a daily SYD-JNB-SYD with a B747. Will that also be replaced with a B787 ?
If yes, that's a seat reduction of around 30-40 %
SAA typically uses an A343 for the daily JNB-PER-JNB run. If they switch to their new A359's, that'll only be around a 6% seat capacity reduction for SAA to Perth. 40% down from Sydney ... hmmm ??
Gavin Hughes
Viv, Qantas intention HAD been to replace B747s with B787s - longer legs of course, but you raise an interesting point with seating capacity. Wonder if pax numbers had been NORMALLY dropping on that route? I say 'normally' because the current situation is far from normal with who knows what ramifications. Thanks for your input.
Cheers Viv! They probably would swap to a Dreamliner on the SYD-JNB-SYD sectors, except that I doubt they have enough spare 787-9's to cover that route, in addition to the Dallas Fort Worth nonstops starting from mid April. Interesting times!
Viv Pike
Gavin -
I don't think PAX number have been dropping on the route, per se. I know of a few people who have recently flown with Qantas on that route, and they all say the plane is usually almost at capacity. In fact, I also know of a couple who had to fly via SIN and connect to SYD because the direct flight was overbooked. Also to consider, this is the ONLY direct flight from SYD to South Africa. That said, I may be wrong and number MAY steadily be dwindling and they forecast a future with less capacity.

Chris -
G'day mate :-)
If they don't have enough 789's, then what to use if / when they retire the 74 fleet? Also worth considering is the ETOPS. It is a damn big pond they have to fly over with nowhere to put down if 1 of 2 blowers decides to go on the blink. I think this is also the current primary reason why QF uses the B74's from SYD, and SA use the A34's to PER.

Anyways, time shall tell.
Totally agree re the ETOPS issue in a twin. I imagine they will need to get around to ordering more B789's. I think they will also be ordering the A350.
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Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
21 de Mar de 2020 A388Singapura ()Melbourne () 20:06 +08 05:39 AEDT (+1) 6:33
21 de Mar de 2020 A388Melbourne ()Singapura () 12:50 AEDT 17:19 +08 (?) 7:28
19 de Mar de 2020 A388Int'l de Los Angeles ()Melbourne () 23:45 PDT 09:37 AEDT (+2) 15:51
19 de Mar de 2020 A388Melbourne ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 12:25 AEDT 07:55 PDT 13:29
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