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Airbus A321 (N204HA) - 23dec2017 being delivered to usa.
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Airbus A321 (N204HA)

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23dec2017 being delivered to usa.


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Joshua Miller
Great photo! I am searching the internet trying to find an answer with no luck, do you know why Airbus would fly through tiny Goose Bay, and through Boeing territory Snohomish County on the way to Hawaii? Are those airports cheapest to fly through? Many thanks!
Joshua Miller - likely since this was a delivery flight and not a revenue flight, the intent was to fly the most fuel efficient route for the distance from the starting point to the end destination. Prevailing winds aloft at cruise altitudes certainly factored into the flight planning.
David Seider
Hey, Joshua...I'll try to lay it out in a hopefully non-confusing manner. First I offer the "one picture is worth a thousand words" option.
-> Go to Great Circle Mapper: gcmap dot com
-> Copy and paste the following string into the white search box at the top-left of GCM's home page: edhi-phnl,edhi-cyyr-kpae-phnl,edhi-cyyr-panc-phnl
-> Click on the "MAP" button just below the search box. The resulting graphic will depict should answer your question!
Here's the spelled-out version: Great circle distance Hamburg-Honolulu is 7,226 statute miles. The Hamburg-Goose Bay-Paine Field-Honolulu routing is 8,134 statute miles, which is broken up into segments of 2,781, 2660, and 2,695 miles, respectively.
The routing is about as close to the true great circle as can be reasonably done.
marylou anderson
Great Pic. Hawaii Airline--in the SNOW!.
well done , good explanation nice pic , but why so long in Everett
new boeing engines ????
pinemartenPhoto Uploader
Range of the aircraft. About 5 or so hour flight and need fuel. Most new airbus aircraft fly thru here. This particular one went to Alaska then destination.
Joshua Miller
Many thanks to cliff731, corsair2, and pinemarten for answers to my question!
Joshua Miller... thanks for your kind words, sir!!!
Deseja um histórico completo para N204HA a partir de 1998? Compre agora. Comece dentro de uma hora.
Data Aeronave Origem Destino Partida Chegada Duração
24 de Jun de 2021 A21NInt'l de Honolulu ()San Jose Int'l () 11:45 HST 19:29 PDT Em vôo
23 de Jun de 2021 A21NOntario Intl ()Int'l de Honolulu () 09:00 PDT 11:18 HST 5:18
22 de Jun de 2021 A21NInt'l de Honolulu ()Ontario Intl () 13:05 HST 20:50 PDT 4:44
22 de Jun de 2021 A21NPortland Intl ()Int'l de Honolulu () 08:41 PDT 11:11 HST 5:29
21 de Jun de 2021 A21NKahului ()Portland Intl () 11:23 HST 19:24 PDT 5:00
21 de Jun de 2021 A21NInt'l de São Francisco ()Kahului () 07:44 PDT 09:43 HST 4:58
20 de Jun de 2021 A21NKahului ()Int'l de São Francisco () 12:50 HST 20:19 PDT 4:28
20 de Jun de 2021 A21NInt'l de Phoenix Sky Harbor ()Kahului () 07:18 MST 10:30 HST 6:11
19 de Jun de 2021 A21NKahului ()Int'l de Phoenix Sky Harbor () 10:41 HST 19:08 MST 5:26
19 de Jun de 2021 A21NMetro Oakland Intl ()Kahului () 07:02 PDT 08:55 HST 4:52
18 de Jun de 2021 A21NKahului ()Metro Oakland Intl () 12:46 HST 20:28 PDT 4:42
18 de Jun de 2021 A21NDaugherty Field ()Kahului () 08:39 PDT 11:03 HST 5:24
17 de Jun de 2021 A21NInt'l de Honolulu ()Daugherty Field () 12:25 HST 20:26 PDT 5:00
16 de Jun de 2021 A21NLihue ()Int'l de Honolulu () 14:49 HST 15:12 HST 0:23
16 de Jun de 2021 A21NInt'l de Los Angeles ()Lihue () 10:57 PDT 13:37 HST 5:39
15 de Jun de 2021 A21NMetro Oakland Intl ()Int'l de Los Angeles () 17:42 PDT 18:40 PDT 0:57
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