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Boeing 757-200 (N757SS)

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Registered to Southwest Sportsjet, this beauty sits at the North Lounge at YYZ


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Excellent shot!!
I am jealous since the spotters at YYZ can take a variety of planes and airliners.
Mark ThomasPhoto Uploader
Thanks Aircanadafun! But you see things we don't see too! : )
Oh yeah?
I was thinking you can see all planes & airliners coming to YUL at YYZ.
Mark ThomasPhoto Uploader
Well, let's see, you see Royal Jordanian 787's, Royal Air Maroc 747,767 and 787's, you see Air Algerie A330's, Lufthansa A340's, Qatar 777's and you are the only city in Canada where Swiss flies. Not to mention all those cool Air Inuit planes. I have to go downtown to see any Porter Dash 8's. You see Air France 777-300's and A340's, all we get are the 777-200's with a very rare appearance by the -300's, plus you see them 3 times a day! Everything else is about the same really so you get some pretty cool stuff! : )
Mark ThomasPhoto Uploader
By the way, all that stuff I mentioned for CYUL, we see none of those planes at CYYZ!
Thanks Mark for the detail.
I will appreciate the flight status at YUL from now on.
mike prendergast
Nice shot Mark!
Mark ThomasPhoto Uploader
Thanks Mike!
Dave Sheehy
5* Mark- nice pic
Mark ThomasPhoto Uploader
Thanks Dave, just got home from work, so catching up on comments!
Is this the Arizona Coyotes team plane?
Mark ThomasPhoto Uploader
4TimKing, it's not their exclusive use jet. This one has also been photographed in full Texas Rangers livery...


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