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LATAM Airlines Brasil announces the return of Brasília-Punta Cana route

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With a challenging Brazilian scenario, the company is attentive to the opportunities and focused on sustainable routes to expand the options for the passenger... (cmsherbert.blogspot.com) Mais...

British Airways Makes Major U-Turn On Approach to Striking Cabin Crew

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British Airways has agreed to return staff privileges to striking cabin crew - so long as they call off the next strike that's due to begin on 2nd August. (www.paddleyourownkanoo.com) Mais...

B-1 Performing a High-Speed Flyby at Oshkosh

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B-1 Lancer bomber performing multiple high-speed passes in full afterburner and swept wings at dusk, during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2017 airshow. (theaviationist.com) Mais...