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Teterboro’s Circling Approach to Runway 1 Can Be Tricky

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With strong winds out of the west, conditions that existed at the time of Monday’s Learjet crash, starting the turn to the runway early is crucial. (www.flyingmag.com) Mais...

Delta Air Lines Links Its Rewards Program to Lyft

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Delta Air Lines customers can now earn award miles traveling by car, part of an agreement announced Wednesday with the car-sharing service Lyft. The airline suggested that its fliers preferred Lyft over the much larger Uber, which has been engaged in public disputes with drivers and employees. When Delta frequent fliers link their Lyft and SkyMiles accounts, they will earn one point for every dollar spent on all Lyft rides, not just those to the airport. (www.nytimes.com) Mais...

Malaysia Airlines enlists SITAONAIR, Aireon and FlightAware for 100% global flight tracking

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By incorporating this data, Malaysia Airlines’ aircraft operations center will receive real-time position updates of its airborne fleet globally. Aireon’s space-based ADS-B data will also resolve any existing data feed coverage gaps that remain, particularly over oceanic and remote airspace, where there is currently no surveillance. (flightaware.com) Mais...

NASA Offering $55,000 in Prize Money to Improve Aircraft Design Software

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NASA wants its FUN3D software, the application its engineers use to design aircraft and airfoils, to run 10,000 times faster, and is asking for anyone with working knowledge of the Modern Fortran software language to take up the High Performance Fast Computing Challenge. (www.flyingmag.com) Mais...