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NTSB Preliminary Report on Cleveland Citation CJ4 Accident

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Accident occurred Thursday, December 29, 2016 in Cleveland, OH. (www.ntsb.gov) Mais...

Are Female Cabin Crew at Qatar Airways Now Being Treated Fairly?

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So female cabin crew were sacked for getting pregnant and weren't allowed to get married for at least five years! With the risk of getting sacked and deported! They might win loads of awards but this sounds horrendous! (www.paddleyourownkanoo.com) Mais...

Another final departure: Gene Cernan, 1/16/2017

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Legacy astronaut, and one of only 12 who walked on the moon, Gene Cernan passed today. Another of the brave and honorable men that represented the early American space effort. Our collective condolences, and may he Rest in peace. (abc13.com) Mais...

F-35, F-22, F-15 and F-16 practice for first inaugural flyover since 1949

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A 335th Fighter Squadron F-15E Strike Eagle conducts practice runs, Jan. 19, 2017, in the skies over Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina, for the official U.S. Air Force aircraft flyover of the 58th Presidential Inauguration. A four-ship formation including the 335th FS F-15E Strike Eagle; a 94th FS F-22 Raptor from Langley AFB, Virginia; a 58th FS F-35 Lightning II from Eglin AFB, Florida; and a 55th FS F-16 Fighting Falcon from Shaw AFB, South Carolina, will complete the flyover… (www.youtube.com) Mais...

Accident: Canada B777 near Khabarovsk on Dec 29th 2016, turbulence injures pilot

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An Air Canada Boeing 777-300, registration C-FIVM performing flight AC-32 from Beijing (China) to Toronto,ON (Canada) with 396 people on board, was enroute at FL310 about 415nm north of Khabarovsk (Russia) when the aircraft encountered two bouts of severe clear air turbulence (avherald.com) Mais...

China Southern Retired its last 777-200s

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On midnight December 31st,2016,the last flight of B-2054 from Peking to Guangzhou landed at ZGGG,its the last flight operated with 777-200 by China southern. China southern airlines is one of the starting customers of Boeing 777.B-2054 was the 40th 777 Boeing produced.China southern received it as one of its first wide body jet on December 6th,1996. (i.carnoc.com) Mais...

Jetstar pilot applauded after white-knuckle landing at Wellington Airport

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A Jetstar passenger said she “felt like the plane was going to drop out of the sky” as a pilot made a second hairy attempt to land at Wellington Airport. Flights in and out of the capital have been heavily impacted by a weather bomb which has hit over the past 12 hours, bringing heavy rain and gusts in excess of 100 kilometres per hour.... (www.aviationfigures.com) Mais...

Is it likely that MH370 will ever be found?

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The 120,000sq km area of Indian Ocean off southern Australia was chosen based on satellite data as the most likely place the Boeing 777 could have come down along what is presumed to have been its flight path. (www.bbc.com) Mais...


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