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All flights grounded at Cologne, Germany over security breach

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All flights have been grounded at Cologne airport over reports that a person has evaded security checks at the terminal. Terminal 1 at Cologne Bonn Airport has been cleared of passengers, according to local newspaper the Kölnische Rundschau, after a "suspicious person" entered a secure area through a door next to a supermarket. A police spokeswoman told the Germany news agency DPA all flights had been stopped until the security alert could be resolved. (www.independent.co.uk) Mais...

Pilot lands Cessna 150 on Interstate 10 in Mississippi

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Perfect timing, no injuries to the pilot and passenger and no accidents caused by his landing. (www.sunherald.com) Mais...

Small WWII-Era Plane Crashes in Hudson River; Body Recovered

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A small World War II vintage plane taking part in celebrations of its 75th anniversary flew a partial loop while smoke spewed from it and then crashed in the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey on Friday, and divers recovered a body from its sunken wreckage, police and witnesses said. (abcnews.go.com) Mais...

TSA'S Summer Meltdown, and The Solution That Nobody Will Talk About

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Now in Ask the Pilot: TSA's Summer Meltdown. Security lines are longer than ever, and the obvious fix is one that nobody will talk about. TSA doesn't need more screeners, it needs FEWER... (www.askthepilot.com) Mais...


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