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Brexit vote threatens dire consequences for UK aviation

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Peter Morris, chief economist at Ascend Flightglobal Consultancy, here teases out some of the aviation implications of the UK electorate's vote to exit the European Union (www.flightglobal.com) Mais...

Southwest Pushed Back Late 737 MAX Deliveries

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Southwest Airlines has deferred the delivery of 67 Boeing 737 MAX 8s to 29023-2025. Despite the decision, it will still be the first operator of the type. (airwaysmag.com) Mais...

Blues resume flying

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The blue angels resumed flying on Thursday, after a safety stand down following the crash in Tennessee. A replacement pilot for late captain Kuss has yet to be named. (www.navytimes.com) Mais...

What Does Brexit Mean for Commercial Aviation?

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While the consequences of this decision naturally have a major impact across Britain’s society and economy, the impact on aviation will be particularly acute. (airwaysmag.com) Mais...

Eurowings Europe launches operations

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Lufthansa Group low-cost (LCC) subsidiary Eurowings Europe has launched its first flight from Vienna to Alicante June 23. The company received its air operator’s certificate (AOC) in Austria recently. Its first Airbus A320 is based in Vienna and the fleet should grow to up to three aircraft by October (atwonline.com) Mais...

Congo's ECAIR secures $35mn loan from regional bank

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ECAIR - Equatorial Congo Airlines (LC, Brazzaville) has secured a XAF20 billion (USD34.6 million) loan from the Development Bank of Central African States (BDEAC) to be put towards the airline's fleet renewal and network expansion strategy. (www.ch-aviation.com) Mais...

Flight to Phoenix returns to Houston due to heat

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"The temperature limitation for this aircraft [Embraer 175] to operate safely was 118," according to a United Airlines spokeswoman. "Temperatures are not expected to hit that peak heat today [Monday] so we do not anticipate impact on operations due to the heat." (www.azfamily.com) Mais...

Incident: Alaska B737 over Pacific on Jun 22nd 2016, brakes issue

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An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800, registration N517AS performing flight AS-861 from Seattle,WA to Kahului,HI (USA), was enroute at FL360 over the Pacific Ocean about 250nm short of the destination when the crew changed their destination to Honolulu,HI advising they needed the longer runway (avherald.com) Mais...


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