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Allan HickmanPhoto Uploader
RUSSIAN Copy of VC 10.....VC TEN_SKY....!!!!
Paul Wisgerhof
Who? What? Where? When? Come on, let's answer a few relevant questions when posting photos. Is this guy landing or taking-off? Looks like take-off judging from the exhaust plume, but maybe not.
Tim Marks
Ilyushin Il-62
Mark Thomas
Not a lot of runway left if he's taking off!
Allan HickmanPhoto Uploader
Sorry Paul....It was taken as the Ilyshin 62 was Landing at ROBIN HOOD AIRPORT nr DONCASTER in SOUTH YOKSHIRE UK... ( formally RAF FINNINGLEY... since 1937, now used as a Civilian Airport and owned by the PEEL GROUP of Companies from CANADA.... I know Russian Aircraft are pretty good but I think this guy would have been struggling to Rotate, with only about 100 Yards left of the Runway.... and not even reached V1....You have it exactly RIGHT Mark....
Allan HickmanPhoto Uploader
Large Cargo Aircraft landing at FINNINGLEY from 020 end have to back Taxi,the Perimeter tracks are not wide enough, nor strong enough to carry their weight.... when it was in Service as RAF FINNINGLEY the VULCANS stationed there did the same thing...looking carefully you can see the NOSE WHEEL is just turning to allow the Aircraft to turn and Back Taxi.


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