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Jesse Carroll
Carbon Footprints, what carbon footprints
I could hear these babies taking off from Sewart Air Base? in Smryna Tn. Twenty miles away, in the early 1960's.
Note the JATO rockets aft of the rear gear.
alex kropf
Brandon Garber
Larry Robinson
Beale AFB?
What is going on? Is this supposed to be a rocket-powered aircraft or is it having an engine fire?
Dwight Hartje
This aircraft is being powered by at least 10 rockets in back! Aircraft of this era also ran wery dirty (the B47 is a prime example).
Dwight Hartje
Great shot! Forgot to say in last comment!
Mark Thomas
What a fantastic shot! Was this the first coal burning aircraft?
johntalley1 - That's true... a USAF photographer did and this photo came from the DOD/USAF Edwards AFB Media Gallery's Historic Section...


or direct download from the Edwards AFB site...


This photo has this caption...

"Boeing B-47B rocket-assisted takeoff on April 15,1954. (U.S. Air Force photo)"
you guys are right, this photo isnt Bob`s. I actually saw a handful of other photos in the "Highest Ranked" section that are stolen photos


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