Winter Storm Affects NYC/Boston With Major Delays and Cancellations

Quarta-feira, 12 de Janeiro de 2011 08:05
Last updated 6 years ago.
This is the 9am EST storm flight/airport update.

State of New York and Boston Airports
    No US passenger airline has departed Kennedy (JFK) since yesterday afternoon and all arrivals this morning have been cargo or foreign carriers.

    Newark (EWR) is seeing significantly reduced capacity (see data below).

    LaGuardia (LGA) has had no departure since midnight and only two Air Canada arrivals this morning.

    Boston Logan (BOS) has had no US passenger airline operations today.

To provide a bit of perspective, we have prepared operations graphs and also the number of arrivals/departures so far today at affected airports in addition to a comparison to the same day last week:

Departures TODAY by 8:40am EST

33 | KATL
18 | KEWR
7 | KJFK
2 | KBOS

Departure LAST Wednesday the 5th (by 8:40am EST)

116 | KEWR
104 | KBOS
92 | KLGA
90 | KATL
66 | KJFK

Arrivals TODAY by 8:40am

18 | KEWR
7 | KJFK
2 | KBOS

Arrival LAST Wednesday the 5th (by 8:40am EST)

309 | KATL
140 | KEWR
135 | KJFK
117 | KLGA
94 | KBOS