US Airways Flight 1549 from New York to Charlotte Ditches in Hudson River - All Survive

Quinta-feira, 15 de Janeiro de 2009 16:51
Last updated 8 years ago.

US Airways flight #1549 (an Airbus A320) from New York, NY (LGA) to Charlotte, NC (CLT) conducted a water ditch/landing into the Hudson River today (January 15, 2009) around 3:30pm EST, less than six minutes after takeoff.

The maximum altitude was 3200 feet before the aircraft began a descent into the water. The last radar return received by FlightAware showed the aircraft at 300ft and 153kts (176mph).

Video footage showed the plane intact. Helicopters and ferries responded. FAA is reporting all passengers are out of the plane and there are no reported deaths or serious injuries.

Early unconfirmed reports are that the aircraft hit a flock of geese. CNN reports that a pilot of the airliner reported a bird strike to air traffic control after takeoff.


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