European airspace opening, flights to the UK resuming

Terça-feira, 20 de Abril de 2010 19:15
Last updated 7 years ago.
After nearly a week of volcanic eruption in Iceland disrupting flight across northern Europe, flights to and from the United Kingdom, which has been the most affected area, have begun resuming.

The normally very busy airspace around London is relatively empty although it is beginning to show arrivals from British Airways flights. Flights to London were taking over an hour longer than usual due to suboptimal routing to accommodate the ash and airspace restrictions.

First Arrivals
In the early morning hours (around 4am) on Tuesday, British Airways launched a number of flights from North America destined to Europe.

Previous Diverions
Most airlines were diverting or canceling flights to/from the US and London including British Airways, Continental, American, US AIrways, Delta, and Air France. The following diversions can be viewed on FlightAware:
Airline Official Announcements

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