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Arrivals: Taiyuan Wusu Airport (Taiyuan, Shanxi CN) [ZBYN]
CSZ9428A320Int'l de Kunming Wujiaba ()Ter 14:11 CSTTer 18:58 CST
CES5485A320Int'l de Hangzhou Xiaoxan ()Ter 16:57 CSTTer 18:50 CST
CES2140B738Int'l de Nanjing Lukou ()Ter 17:01 CSTTer 18:40 CST
CSN3783B738Int'l de Wuhan Tianhe ()Ter 17:11 CSTTer 18:36 CST
CES5298B738Int'l de Pequim ()Ter 17:30 CSTTer 18:29 CST
CSN3695E190Int'l de Guangzhou Baiyun ()Ter 16:04 CSTTer 18:16 CST
CSC8598A320Int'l Harbin Taiping ()Ter 15:33 CSTTer 18:12 CST
CDG4612B738Int'l de Ürümqi Diwopu ()Ter 14:53 CSTTer 18:08 CST
CSZ9955A320Int'l de Shenzhen Bao'an ()Ter 15:41 CSTTer 18:04 CST
CSN6435A320Int'l de Dalian Zhoushuizi ()Ter 16:13 CSTTer 17:40 CST
LKE9683B738Int'l de Kunming Wujiaba ()Ter 15:14 CSTTer 17:31 CST
LKE9985B738Int'l de Kunming Wujiaba ()Ter 15:09 CSTTer 17:27 CST
FEA9101MD83Taichung ()Ter 14:24 CSTTer 17:25 CST
CCA1763A320Int'l de Hangzhou Xiaoxan ()Ter 15:02 CSTTer 16:52 CST
CES5012B738Int'l Chiang Kai-shek ()Ter 12:55 CSTTer 16:52 CST
CES5420737Int'l de Kunming Wujiaba ()Ter 14:00 CSTTer 16:25 CST
CES2403B738Int'l de Xangai Hongqiao ()Ter 13:39 CSTTer 15:43 CST
CSN3774B738Int'l de Dalian Zhoushuizi ()Ter 14:16 CSTTer 15:39 CST
CSN6415A320Int'l de Shenyang Taoxian ()Ter 13:36 CSTTer 15:29 CST
CXA8157B738Int'l de Changsha Huanghua ()Ter 13:40 CSTTer 15:24 CST
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