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Arrivals: N Kentucky Intl Airport (Covington, KY) [KCVG]
UJC601J328Int'l Midway ()Ter 08:11 CDTTer 09:54 EDT
UJC601J328Int'l Midway ()Seg 07:57 CDTSeg 09:39 EDT
UJC601J328Int'l Midway ()Sex 08:03 CDTSex 09:45 EDT
UJC601J328Int'l Midway ()Qui 08:11 CDTQui 09:55 EDT
UJC601J328Int'l Midway ()Qua 08:01 CDTQua 09:48 EDT
UJC601J328Int'l Midway ()Sex 08:05 CDTSex 09:51 EDT
UJC601J328Int'l Midway ()Qui 08:06 CDTQui 09:46 EDT
UJC601J328Int'l Midway ()Qua 08:09 CDTQua 09:53 EDT
UJC601J328Int'l Midway ()Seg 08:26 CDTSeg 10:11 EDT
UJC601J328Int'l Midway ()Ter 08:05 CDTTer 09:45 EDT
UJC59J328Cincinnati Muni ()Qua 05:47 EDTQua 05:56 EDT
UJC514J328Morristown Muni ()Qua 17:28 EDTQua 19:06 EDT
UJC514J328Morristown Muni ()Qua 17:13 EDTQua 19:09 EDT
UJC513J328Cincinnati Muni ()Qua 05:44 EDTQua 05:51 EDT
UJC511J328Morristown Muni ()Ter 08:42 EDTTer 10:11 EDT
UJC511J328Morristown Muni ()Seg 08:49 EDTSeg 10:27 EDT
UJC511J328Morristown Muni ()Ter 08:38 EDTTer 10:26 EDT
UJC511J328Morristown Muni ()Qui 08:47 EDTQui 10:35 EDT
UJC511J328Morristown Muni ()Seg 08:33 EDTSeg 10:07 EDT
UJC511J328Morristown Muni ()Qui 08:40 EDTQui 10:14 EDT
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