Front-end (UI/UX) Developer

Position is at FlightAware Headquarters - Houston, TX (location).

Who you are:

  • You have a trail of cool projects you’ve worked on, including some you’ve written to scratch your own itch.
  • You have a passion for software and desire to change the world.
  • You have excellent implementation skills, including deep expertise in Javascript (jQuery).
  • You enjoy working on tricky UI problems with equally smart people.

About us

We have very interesting data visualization and UI problems and your work will reach millions of users. We've also released a bunch of open source projects. We’re a fun, high-caliber team that trusts you and gives you the freedom to be brilliant.

Application instructions

To apply and provide a small demonstration of your technical prowess, send your application to:

by setting the content of the data variable to valid JSON with the following properties:

name: String with your name (required)
email: String with your email address (required)
urls: Array of strings with links to your resume, site, or sample projects (required)
comment: String with any comment/request you might have (optional)

You will receive a 200 response on success.

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FlightAware Office Picture
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