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Salt Lake City, UT () 31 min31 min
London, England () 31 min31 min
Vantaa () 30 min30 min
Quebec, cidade CA () 30 min30 min
Washington, DC ()
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Canada makes clear Boeing must back down if it wants jet order
If Boeing is excluded, potential winners include Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N), Dassault Aviation SA (AVMD.PA) and Airbus SE (AIR.PA). (Mais)
How to fight the California wildfires with a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet
Step inside (which you can do in the interactive 3-D model below) and you'll see that the upper floor looks pretty normal, with the cockpit and a few seats. Head down the stair (Mais)
Passenger films bird flying directly into plane's engine
A passenger on a plane preparing to take off from a German airport filmed the moment a bird flew into the aircraft's engine. The video, filmed aboard a Boeing 757 preparing to (Mais)
EU sends stark warning to airlines on post-Brexit flying
British airlines will lose all flying rights to the European Union if there is no transition agreement after Brexit, the EU executive said on Tuesday, a stark reminder of the r (Mais)
Qatar Airways releases the inaugural flight video of its first A350-1000
Qatar Airways' first Airbus A350-1000 launched its maiden flight on December 10, 2017, before a scheduled delivery at the end of the month. Qatar Airways has released a video o (Mais)
Airbus remains upbeat about A-380 superjumbo despite two-year sales drought
A two-year sales drought for the flagship A-380 superjumbo may have increased pressure at Airbus to keep the programme flying, but the European plane maker remains upbeat about (Mais)